Dorm Info


HILT2016 Dormitory Location: Tower Hall (corner of University Blvd and Michigan). The registration desk is located on the first floor of the building in the central lobby. Dormitory desk support hours (including registration) will be:

Monday- Friday  8:00am – 11:00pm;
Saturday & Sunday – 9:00am – 11:00pm

HILT2016 Check in: You will proceed to the registration desk in Tower Hall. If the desk is not occupied,  information on who to call when you arrive will be waiting for you. The RA on duty will meet you at the desk to get you into your dorm room. Please note the building doors lock at 9 pm thus entrance after 9 pm is by calling for access. The phone number will be posted on the front doors at Michigan Avenue and University Avenue. You will be met at those same doors at the corner of Michigan Avenue and University Avenue to be let into the building for registration if you are arriving outside of the check-in hours listed above.

When you check in you will be given access to your assigned room, and access to the Tower fitness room with a small set of cardio machines and free weights.

Each room will have a linen package that includes: 1 blanket, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 1 pillow, 1 pillow case, 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel, 1 washcloth, 1 bathmat. Shower curtain and toilet paper in each bathroom will be provided. The linen packets will be placed in each room prior to Check-In. Conference participants will make their own beds. We encourage you to bring an extra blanket or your own pillow for added comfort and familiarity.

Please note that no toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner are not included. We also encourage you to bring a plastic glass or water bottle as well as any other accessories you might need for your stay.

Each room has individually controlled air-conditioning units.

There is an ice machine on the 8th floor. When you are on the floor you get off the elevator and make a left. It is the first room on the left.

There are wall sconces and lamps included in the room.

The nearest parking location to the Tower Hall Residences is the Hine Hall Parking Garage located adjacent to Tower and Hine Halls. As an FYI, Tower and Hine Hall are attached to one another via a short glassed walkway.

Wifi credentials, meal passes, parking passes, and your HILT badge will be provided at the HILT registration desk.


Dormitory Assignments are as follows:

Assigned Room Number First Last
1 Linda Braun
1 Hannah Chapman
2 Arianne Hartsell-Gundy
2 Kelley Lawton
3 Erika Jenns
3 Theresa Quill
4 Amanda Norton
4 Luisina Silva Blanc
5 Sara Bijani
6 Sarah Ritcheson
6 Janelle Edwards
5 Heather Brothers
7 Rachel Wexelbaum
7 Sarah Patterson
8 Ellen Hoobler
8 Emily Symonds Stenberg
9 Julianne McCobin
9 Emily Thompson
10 Rick Tagne Teta
11 Madeline Zehnder
11 Helena Dominguez
10 Spencer Greenhalgh
12 Neal Curtis
12 Jordan Howell
13 Catherine Marie DeRose
14 Alex G Galarza
15 Devin Sanera
16 Jane Pinzino
17 Anna Neatrour
18 Ashley Sanders
19 Daniel Tracy
20 Sarah Elichko
21 Joseph Stadolnik
22 Andrew H. Lee
23 Kimberly McKee
24 Persephone Braham
25 Emily McGinn
26 Jonathan Rees
27 Deborah Bishov
28 Wesley Raabe
29 Sasha Renninger
30 Denise Challenger
31 Madeleine Sorapure
32 John Somerville
33 Jim Egan
34 Scott Millspaugh
35 Jim McGrath
36 Karl Maria Fattig
37 Barbara Levergood
38 Pamella Lach
39 Adam Sundberg
40 Nicole Emmelhainz
41 Matthew Reznicek
42 Guy McHendry
42 Tamsyn Rose-Steel

If you have questions regarding your dormitory assignments, please contact

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